About Our Company

We Are Strictly "Fee Only"

Swarthmore Financial Advisors, Ltd., are independent and objective advisors, and do not sell any financial products. This allows us to remain completely unbiased while upholding the best interests of each client.
We are active members of the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA), the largest organization of fee-only financial advisors in the United States. NAPFA's primary goal is to eliminate the conflict of interest that exists if an advisor stands to personally gain when his recommendations are followed by a client.

Who Are Our Clients

We believe that anyone can benefit from sound financial and investment advice. Our clients include:
• Retirees
• Widows/Widowers
• Professionals
• Business Owners
• Divorce Settlement Recipients
• Trustees
• Inheritance Beneficiaries
• Legal Settlement Recipients
• Executives

Our Investment Philosophy

Our philosophy has evolved from our financial planning background. In designing and managing portfolios, we seek to tailor each client's investment to meet their personal financial goals.

Client Portfolios

Our goal is to establish and manage each client's portfolio with:
• Reasonable Expectations of Rates of Return
• Appropriate Risk Levels
• Adequate Degree of Liquidity
• Diversification across a Variety of Asset Classes
• Insulation from the Effects of Inflation to the Largest Degree Possible
• Regular Reviews of Investment Performance
• Minimization of Investment Expenses
• Management of the Impact of Taxes on Returns

Developing & Managing Client Portfolios

We employ the following customized methodology in developing and managing client portfolios:
• Select the Specific Investments
• Determine Appropriate Target Rates of Return, Risk Parameters, & Liquidity
• Design the Portfolio Using Modern Portfolio Theory to Optimize the Risk/
Return Trade-off
• Monitor Performance against Targets Set in the Investment Policy Statement
& Adjust the Portfolio Allocation & Specific Investments as Necessary to
Conform to the Client's Goals
• Review Existing Portfolio Holdings
• Draft an Investment Policy Statement
Contact us to learn more about our time-tested financial planning process.